Audiovisual and theatre technology

We offer AV and theatre technology planning and other related expert services. Our AV technology services cover technical, functional, and financial planning and consulting.

AV and theatre technology refers to all kinds of technical aids for performing activities, which are related to presentation, distribution, recording or editing of sound or image.

The concept AV comes from the words audiovisual, that is, related to hearing and sight. The terms AV and presentation technology can mean exactly the same thing. Sometimes the concept AV is used specifically in connection with meeting and teaching technology, while the concept theatre technology is used in connection with heavier theatre and event technology.

AV-suunnittelu - Tampereen yliopisto

AV and theatre technology is a wide entity in terms of both use and technology.

Meeting technology is used for presentation, communication and documentation in decision-making and teamwork.

Presentation and distribution of audio and video content is needed in decision-making, performing arts, entertainment, and events.

Performance lighting ensures that the audience and performers can see and be seen. By use of lighting and projection, different visual atmospheres can also be created, and they can also be used as artistic elements of the performance.

With sound reinforcement, everything that would otherwise not be heard very well is made audible, such as speech and lighter music, as well as in some cases electronically produced or recorded elements which are part of orchestral works. In addition to the technology used in halls, modern performance technology often includes equipment used in audio and video recordings and live streaming.

Theatre technology often includes also mechanics, for example hoists, stage structures, suspension structures and adjustable curtains.

Our experts are at your disposal, from the acoustics of a small entity to the design of a large building complex. We also offer AV lifecycle planning, for example long-term planning for the maintenance and renewal of theatre technology systems.

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