Noise and vibration

Akukon offers a wide range of expert services related to noise and vibration. Our selection includes various noise, structural noise, and vibration surveys, modelling, calculation, measurements, as well as planning related to noise and vibration control.

The source of noise or vibration can be traffic, a gym, a public event, industrial machinery, or any object or entity that produces noise or vibration.

Expert services related to noise and vibration are largely related to sound and acoustics. Since this service area also includes environmental science and physiological dimensions, we have differentiated it into its own area of expertise.


Our services are used e.g. in planning, zoning and implementation of construction and infrastructure projects as well as in industry, event industry as well as for occupational health and safety purposes.

Depending on the customer’s needs, our approach can be physical, physiological or a combination of these. Physical work methods include, for example, noise measurements, modeling and calculation. Examples of physiological work methods are the measurements of noise and vibration exposure, which take place with measuring devices attached to the person.


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