Akukon is an international specialist company in acoustics, noise, vibration and audio-visual technology. Our headquarters is located in Finland. We offer high-quality design, consulting, measurement and calibration services.

Our company was founded in 1994. We employ more than 60 experts in Finland and more than 100 internationally. All the owners of Akukon work in the company. Our values ​​are responsibility, customer orientation, community and functionality.

Our headquarters is located in Helsinki. In addition, we have subsidiaries in all the Baltic countries and Georgia, as well as representatives and network partners around the world.

Our customers

Our wide customer base includes, for example, construction companies, real estate developers and investors, architects and other designers, industry, the event industry and the public sector.

We want to serve our customers well, regardless of whether the work is a residential building, headquarters, kiosk, shopping center, sports hall, stadium, chapel, cathedral, product development facility, industrial plant, music club, opera house, metro line, harbor or almost anything.

Quality and accreditations

Our audited quality system complies with ISO 9001 and EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards. Most of our acoustic field measurements and calibrations are accredited

Our field measurements are accredited with the code Finas T229. The calibrations of sound level meters and calibrators performed in our calibration laboratory in Helsinki are accredited with the code Finas K061. Accreditation T229 covers not only Finland but also Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Our key design areas also have the Finnish RALA qualification. RALA is the Finnish construction quality association.

Our network partners

Akukon has several commercial network partners with whom, if necessary, we can offer content-wise and quantitatively extensive entities. In addition, we participate in the activities of many professional and scientific communities.

As a company or through its personnel, Akukon is involved in numerous professional and social organizations:

We collaborate scientifically with Virtual Acoustics Team at Aalto University.

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