AV design

AV design is needed, for example, in corporate and public administration facilities, meeting and session halls, schools, performing arts and entertainment facilities, sports arenas and religious facilities. We consult on AV technology and AV system procurement for both construction and renovation sites. We are also involved in projects where existing AV systems are updated to better serve the current purpose of the space.

The audiovisual solutions of a construction or renovation site, such as meeting technology and sound reproduction, should be considered already in the planning phase of the building. Comprehensive audiovisual design based on the intended use of the facilities serves the user much better than general audiovisual solutions.

In the projects, we define the requirements set by AV systems for the building technology (e.g. space reservations, electricity distribution, cabling), manage the planning of the AV systems, consult on procurement and tendering, and supervise the AV contract.

AV design step by step

In project planning, we define the functional specifications of the AV facilities in cooperation with the developer and/or users. In addition, we make preliminary cost estimates for AV technology as well as initial data that can be used to evaluate the effects of AV technology on construction costs.

After the project implementation decision, we help to define the design boundaries between AV design and other design fields.

In the actual design phase, we manage the design of the AV technology and provide the initial information to other designers. This information includes e.g. space reservations for devices and places of use, electricity distribution, cabling, suspensions and heat loads.

In terms of the project's success, coordination of the plans with other planning areas is of key importance.

When needed, we also design the visual appearance and the furniture of audiovisual spaces and coordinate the data model design of AV spaces. We consult the developer on the procurement of AV technology and we assist in the tender process.

We also consult in the procurement of AV services. We are also involved in defining the maintenance and upkeep of leasing equipment. Although we offer a wide range of AV design services, we are also happy to help in individual areas.

A consulting contract is always drawn up for project planning. The contract includes our tasks in detail. The entirety of AV design is always planned based on the needs of the customer. The actual project management is always the responsibility of the developer/customer, but we also assist the project management and coordinate the project if necessary.

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