Stage mechanics

Design and consulting of stage mechanics is part of our AV and presentation technology services. Stage mechanics refers to structures to which performance technology is attached or used to move performers and equipment.

Many kinds of structures are needed to hang lights, speakers, projection surfaces, sets and other equipment. These include, for example, different bars and trusses, which can be motor driven or fixed.

Lifts and hoists are also often needed for lifting from above or below. These include, for example, chain or wire operated point- and barhoists and orchestra lifts placed at floor level.

Many other structures of performance spaces, such as revolving stages, large screens, curtains and movable drapes, are part of stage mechanics.

The acoustics of performance spaces can be changed using acoustic curtains placed either in sight or hidden behind an acoustically permeable wall. Their structures and mechanisms are also part of stage mechanics. In some cases, the reflector structures of concert halls are also included in stage mechanics.

Our stage mechanics services include project planning, technical planning, supervision of implementation and procurement consulting. In addition to these, we also offer expert service in other questions related to stage mechanics, for example in assessing the need for maintenance and renewal. We can also provide the safety inspections for stage mechanics.

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