Sound insulation and room acoustics measurements

Sound insulation and room acoustics measurements are the most common measurements related to construction quality assurance.

Sound insulation measurements

Sound insulation measurements cover air and footfall measurements between rooms, as well as air sound insulation measurements of the facade. They can be, for example, sound insulation measurements related to the deployment of buildings, which verify compliance with the given regulations. Sound insulation measurements also provide initial information for the acoustic design of buildings to be renovated.

Room acoustic measurements

We conduct room acoustic measurements to meet customer needs and to contribute to our acoustic design. The room acoustic conditions of the space can be illustrated with measurable reverberation time and other room acoustic indicators. The official recommendations and regulations depend on the intended use of the space. For example, in concert halls, acoustics serve performing and listening of classical music, while in auditoriums it enables the speaker's message to be conveyed to the listeners in a clear and understandable way.

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