AV and presentation technology LTP

AV and presentation technology is needed in modern event facilities, offices and teaching environments. The technology requires maintenance and timely renewal. The long-term plan for AV and presentation technology LTP is a tool that takes care of the functionality of the facilities and cost management.

Akukon's services include mapping of existing presentation technology and prospective procurements. Needs for expected procurements and renewals are listed with justifications and placed on a 10-year timeline. The plan can be used not only for budgeting operating costs and updates, but also as part of operational planning.

LTP is often based merely on an assessment of the technical life span and the need for maintenance of the equipment. However, needs change over time, and technological development can affect the appropriate technology renewal cycle.

We build the LTP to support customer's strategy if one is available. The LTP composed by Akukon is usually not only based on the assessment of the technical life span of the equipment, but also on the possible and foreseeable development of functional needs and technology. The LTP for AV and presentation technology should be updated regularly, for example annually.

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