Stavanger Concert Hall

The opening ceremonies of Stavanger Concert Hall were celebrated in autumn 2012. The building has two halls: a concert hall for acoustic music and a multipurpose hall for electronically reinforced music. The acoustics of the concert hall have received praise from musicians, conductors and critics alike. Its tone has been described as beautiful, personal and close.

Stavanger Concert Hall

The concert hall is located by the sea in the Sandvigå district. The concert hall with its beautiful marine views is the centre of the Bjergsted culture park where also a high school for culture and dance is located.

The concert hall is comprised of two adjoining buildings. One of them has a concert hall with 1,500 seats and the other one has a multipurpose hall with 1,900 seats.

The main user of the concert hall is the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, and its special requirements were taken into account already during the design phase. The concert hall is also well-suited for lightly reinforced music performances because the acoustics can be customised with an adjustable ceiling. The ceiling can be lowered down up to 6 metres, creating more intimate acoustics.

The acoustics have been dampened in the multipurpose hall to enable electronically reinforced music performances. It can host a variety of performances: opera, musicals, rock concerts and conferences. Depending on the type of the event there can be 700 to 1,400 seats in the hall.

Both halls are equipped with up-to-date stage technology and sound systems. We also designed the sound and audiovisual solutions in the building’s other facilities. We carried out the acoustic design in cooperation with the Belgian Kahle Acoustics and the Norwegian Sinus AS acoustic engineering companies.

Our experts

  • Consultants in charge: Henrik Möller / acoustics and Tapio Ilomäki / performance technology
  • The rest of the team: Sara Vehviläinen, Oskar Lindfors ja Mira Pykälistö

Location: Stavanger Concert Hall

Stavanger Zetlitz auditorium

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