Good acoustics in schools and kindergartens is very important. Studies have found that noise interferes with concentration, attentiveness, remembering, and hearing and understanding speech. In addition, it increases stress and strain for both students and teachers.

Akukon has tens of years of experience in the acoustic design of schools and kindergartens, from small kindergartens to school complexes with hundreds of students.

Well-designed acoustics and soundproofing guarantee the best possible learning experience and comfort. When planning space placement and separating structures, we always map the spaces that are sensitive to sound and produce a lot of noise, as well as spaces for confidential conversations.

The schools also apply versatile and different teaching and working methods. For example, a space where students work in small groups poses its own challenges for concentration and for the teacher’s voice to be heard.

Our services also include site monitoring during construction and acoustic measurements, which we use to ensure the correct implementation of the plans. Our services also include the design of the AV technology needed in schools.

Music and media teaching facilities require specialized acoustics and sometimes also AV skills. Our references include many successful media and music teaching facilities, from kindergarten music rooms to the facilities of universities of applied sciences and the Sibelius Academy.


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