Performance facilities

A performance facility can be a theatre, a concert hall, an entertainment arena or a combination of these. A performance facility project can focus on a new building or a renovation site.

The aim of the project can also be changing the function of the facility from an old industrial location to a cultural centre. A good example of this is the cultural centre Logomo in Turku, where the Finnish railway operator VR’s former depot was transformed into versatile performance facilities.

Our typical customer is a constructor looking for a partner experienced in performance facility consulting. We go through the phases and special characteristics of the project with the constructor and identify other experts that are needed in the project. We also offer consultation on the requirements related to performing arts and entertainment regarding the designing of the building.

Central elements in performance facilities include acoustics, performance technology, functionality of the facilities, and the requirements of electronic media. Not to mention the logistics of the performance facilities, which need to work seamlessly as well. This is closely related to the transport routes and storage units for performance technology; instruments and staging equipment.

Our performance facility services include:

  • expert services for construction consultancy
  • functionality and logistic design
  • acoustic design
  • design of performance and production technology, acquisition consultation and project monitoring
  • consultation for acquired performance and production technology, and utilisation and maintenance services
  • on-site supervision related to acoustics

Performance facility projects phase by phase

Our expertise covers all the main sectors of performance facility projects from functionality to expert services, acoustics to performance technology.

Performance facility projects begin with project planning that includes functional specifications of the premises in collaboration with the client and/or users. At the same time, a preliminary cost estimation of the performance technology is made and preliminary acoustic requirements are specified. We will participate in the selection of the architect as well, if required.

When the project decision has been made, we will assist in defining the scope of different design areas. We will also help in specifying the tasks of the technical building engineers and, if required, in the selection of these engineers.

The actual design phase typically consists of designing the functional, acoustic and performance technology, coordination of the plans and data modelling.

In performance facility projects, we usually take care of the consultation regarding performance technology acquisition and the on-site supervision of performance technology and acoustics. We have the necessary competence to execute comprehensive solutions but we are also happy to assist in individual sectors of performance facility projects.

Performance technology can also be acquired as a separate service, in which case our job is to specify the required leasing equipment and their maintenance. We also offer consultation regarding acquisitions related to comprehensive service solutions.

Good performance facilities serve both the performers and the audience. By taking into account the special requirements of performing arts beforehand, we can minimise the amount of alterations throughout the planning, keeping the design work cost effective and on time.

In performance facility projects we act as the experts, designers, technology acquisition consultants and implementation supervisors to the constructors and users.

Standards and accreditations

  • A Quality system that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard in Akukon projects
  • IFC 2x3 model

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