Religious facilities

Religious facilities in Finland are mostly churches and other congregational facilities. They must be suitable for religious, as well as other events in terms of acoustics, sound reproduction and AV systems.

Expectations for the sound environment of religious facilities are high. A church should sound like a church. The organ and other instruments should sound beautiful, but at the same time speech should be understood. In addition, the tone of the speech is expected to be natural and warm. The experience of the direction of the speech should not be unnatural either.

In addition to perfect room acoustics, churches almost always need a sound reproduction system custom designed to the space. In order to achieve the best possible comprehension of speech and experience of sound, placement and directions of all speakers must be optimized. In modern religious facilities AV technology is also often used, for example projection/media surfaces and presentation lightning. These systems must also be easy to use.

Akukon's services include acoustic design and design of sound reproduction and other AV systems. If necessary, we also assist in tendering or other procurement procedures for AV systems.

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