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Acoustic planning of commercial buildings is one of Akukon's most important business areas. Often our entire range of expertise is used: acoustics, noise and vibration control and Av design.

Acoustic design of commercial buildings is guided by the intended use of the space. Noise and tumult cause stress, reduce comfort and diminish work efficiency. In negotiation and meeting rooms it is necessary to have good audibility and speech intelligibility. It is also necessary to have good visibility to the displays as well as lighting that enables the performer to be seen but does not dazzle. The contribution of acoustics and AV designers is of essential importance in the design of commercial buildings.

Meetings are held both at workstations and in conference and meeting rooms, where one or more participants are remotely connected. Clear sound and good visibility are also needed for remote participants. Both acoustics and AV designers take care of these requirements.

Commercial buildings are often built at demanding locations in terms of noise and vibration. The proximity of traffic routes and especially rail traffic causes risks and challenges, which Akukon has a lot of experience in controlling. There may also be activities inside the building that cause noise and vibration, for example a gym or a supermarket with storage facilities and loading docks. We are experienced in preventing all kind of noise and vibration-related harm. The calculation, measurement, and analysis methods as well as software developed by Akukon are the best in their field.

Our commercial building customers have access to top-class acoustics and AV experts, whose references include the most demanding commercial buildings in Finland and their satisfied users.

Akukon also has experience in managing risks related to acoustics, noise, and vibration in tall buildings. We employ several experts who have gained experience in design projects of skyscrapers in the world's major metropolises.

The earlier we participate in the project, the better we can help optimize the end result in terms of costs, user experience and efficiency.

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