Audio laboratories

We design audio laboratories for companies who test acoustic properties of their products with different measurement methods and hearing tests. We have designed laboratory facilities for our customers, for example, for sound quality testing during product development. Our customers include the world’s leading mobile device and software developers.

We always optimise our solutions according to the intended use and the facilities available to the customer. We take into account the customer’s needs regarding the technical properties of the laboratory and the supplementary devices as well as the usability of both.

When we design audio laboratory facilities as a turnkey solution, the project includes the following phases:

  1. Preliminary design: We survey the available facility and the measurement and testing operations, the measurement distances and devices, and determine the acoustic requirements of the facility.
  2. Design: As the actual design phase progresses, we determine the features, such as the structures of the facility, special solutions, cabling and connection points as well as lighting.
  3. Implementation: When required, we carry out work reports, prepare a contract implementation plan together with subcontractors and monitor the construction work.
  4. Testing: Finally, we test the audio laboratory in order to guarantee that the targets set during the design phase have been met.

Testing in laboratories that have been optimised for the facilities and the intended use is technically first-rate as well as efficient and sensible. Design-wise, in trade off situations, we can also survey the measurement and testing methods which are not recommended for the facilities.

We carry out free field measurements for an anechoic chamber according to the standard ISO 3745:2003. Airborne and impact sound insulation are measured according to standards ISO 140 and ISO 717.

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