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Good acoustic design enables a sufficiently quiet environment for recording studios that do not disturb others and that are acoustically optimal, logistically functional and pleasant. We participate in creating new studios and in re-establishing the acoustics and technology in our customers’ existing production facilities. We operate in facilities, such as recording studios, mixing studios, film studios, broadcast facilities, home cinemas and education studios.

We offer top-notch acoustic design with a visually well-thought, unique and functional outcome. We perceive audiovisual design as facilities

  • that are sufficiently quiet for recording and listening (e.g. sufficient sound insulation, correctly specified and audited HVAC noise levels, cleverly located device facilities)
  • that do not disturb surrounding facilities
  • where it is possible to carry out high-quality recordings according to the customer’s needs (e.g. acoustic instruments, speech, sound effects, bands, orchestras)
  • that do not affect the recordings and where listening is pleasant (good and even room response, sufficient listening distance, room for “producer’s couch”, avoid “dead acoustics”).

Our services regarding the construction of video and sound recording studios cover acoustic engineering, architect blueprint of the studio, interior design and furnishing, designing cabling and electricity distribution and, in video studios, mechanical and lighting design. In addition, we supervise the construction, if necessary.

Our photo and recording studio projects consist of the following elements:

  • acoustic “before” measurements for initial data (when required)
  • draft plans with alternative options (including layout plans for all facilities taking into account both the acoustic and functional requirements)
  • cabling and electricity distribution design to act as source material for electric engineer/constructor
  • meetings with the customer and other engineers
  • consultation to other engineers (e.g. ventilation and electrical engineers)
  • creation of implementation plans (floor plans, cross sections, detailed images, acoustic work specifications, surface material and colour specifications)
  • construction monitoring
  • final acoustic measurements and room response tuning.

The scope of the service always depends on the customer’s needs and resources. For instance, a constructor of a small studio might want to opt out of detailed blueprints and numerous measurements in order to keep the design budget reasonable.

On the other hand, if the customer is a public broadcaster, game developer or a major public organisation with a large construction project, the requirements for detailed plans, supervision, and acoustic measurements are significantly larger.

We have over 20 years of combined experience in the design of different video and sound recording studios. Our experts also have experience in practical studio work and music recording.

Additional information on photo and recording studio projects


  • Cadimef, North Karelian University of Applied Sciences
  • Fried Music
  • Helsinki Music Centre’s studios and control rooms
  • Jean Records
  • Jiffel Studios
  • Petrax studio
  • Remedy Entertainment, Helsinki
  • Rovio Entertainment, Helsinki
  • Studio Musica, the Department of Music at the University of Jyväskylä
  • YLE radio news studios

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